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I just got tickets to a screening of Parked in London next Friday! At which, apparently, according to Cultbox, Colin Morgan will be doing a Q&A at! \o/!

Now, please excuse me while I go die of squee!
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I am 90% sure that the absolute worst sentence that could be said to you by another person in public while they're looking at your photos on your ipad is, "You have naughty pictures on this!"

... Okay, it was nothing NSFW, but it was in a pub with a group of photosoc people and oh dear god.

It was Charles/Erik from XM:FC fanart, BTW. In a compromising postion. But fully clothed!
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The trouble with studying biology (although this probably applies to most sciences), is that, between sorting out an answer to an assignment, and actually handing it in, a new paper can get released with lots of evidence showing your hypothesis wrong.


But on the bright side, I have Merlin icons now!
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I hate ignorance sometimes.

Saw this on Facebook )

TL;DR - I have an idiot for a cousin and I ramble about violence and politics for a bit.
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I used to read all the time when I was a kid. I lost that in my teens, but I've always wanted to start reading again.

Since I'm watching Merlin now, and I hadn't read any Arthurian stories before, I figured I'd have a go at some of them.

So, I've started T. H. White's The Once and Future King. I'm maybe 10% through the entire thing? Still in the middle of The Sword in the Stone, though. It took me a while to get used to the style of the writing - it's really not what I'm used to - and the pacing is driving me mad (I'm impatient, okay?), but I still kind of love it so far. It's bizarrely charming. It'll probably take me ages to get through it, though!

Also I really need Merlin icons.
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I'm a terrible blogger.

Yes, I feel a little bit nervous )
Anyway, that's it for now. Who knows, I may actually churn out a fic at some point.
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I have a new layout! Was getting a bit fed up of my old one - don't know if I'll keep this one or not, but it'll for now.

In other news, I saw X-Men:First Class last week, and have since watched the first three X-Men films. So much love. I ship Erik/Charles with all of my little shipper heart. I might actually attempt to write fanfiction. You know, as soon as I manage to actually do something productive with my life.

I was leaving my room earlier to go to work, and heard noise coming from the kitchen - this is not unusual, I have flatmates - but what was unusual was that I recognised the background music from X:Men:First Class. So apparently I really am obsessed. (Also, it was nearing the big scene on the beach and I had to leave and go do work ;.;)
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Earlier today, when I was walking to work, I was happy. Really happy. It was a sunny day, and I'd had lunch with some friends and things were good!

But now, I'm sad again. My phone's being tempramental, my parents are mad at me (I was going to say 'long story', but it's not, really, just one I don't feel up to telling right now.) And earlier, I got out of the shower, looked in the mirror, and was really unhappy with what I saw. I need to lose weight again.

Maybe that'll help.

Anyone know where I can get some willpower?
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I had a ticket for a Boyzone concert tonight - unfortunately, I didn't realise it was on tonight. Ah well - I wasn't that fussed in going anyway. I bought the ticket months ago - I can't even remember why, now. I just feel like a bit of an idiot :/. And it's £40 down the drain. Grr.
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I suppose it's now just, 'Updating when I remember'. Which, you know, works too.

I had a sad today. No particular reason, I was just down. Maybe I'll go take photos in the park tomorrow, if it's a nice day.

Learning to use GIMP. I was pathetic at first, but a few youtube tutorials later, I've learned to use a few of the tools! Go me! \o/!

Thinking of starting a 'real' blog on blogspot. No idea what I'd write about, though. I could link to it from my facebook and my flickr and everything and come across as all techno-savvy.

Had a very short conversation with guy-I-fancy the other night. Pretty positive he just sees me as a friend - and probably not a particularly good one, at that. Also discovered he's friends (or, well, at least facebook friends) with my old flatmate. Small world, huh? (Okay, maybe that wasn't the most unlikely thing ever, seeing as they do the same course- but in different years).
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So I'm shit at updating every day now.

Got my essay done last Friday. Eventually. I hope I do decently :/

Went to a photosoc meeting on Tuesday night. There was a professional photographer there, who gave a talk. She was very, very good. I enjoyed it loads, and I really want to start taking photos again, but I want to be a bit more creative. I can't think of anything, though. :(
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Okay, haven't updated for a while - but I went home for a long weekend, and it was awesome :). My little brother's band won a school competition - and are going to go on to represent my school in the final. They were kind of awesome :D.
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Can't be arsed updating tonight.
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The main problem with my job is moving out tomorrow! \o/!

Yes, I'm mean, but I don't care. Lately, the hassle she's brought to me, and to others - I'm quite glad to see the back of her. I don't know if I've ever met someone as manipulative in my life. Hell, she manipulated me. So, yes, glad to see the back of her - even if that does make me a bitch.

I really need to start going to bed earlier.

Turn it up

Feb. 7th, 2011 01:31 am
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Today, I essentially did nothing. Slept in, played pokémon, didn't work on my essay, went onto Tumblr, didn't leave Tumblr, didn't work on my essay, managed to get a few new followers on Tumblr, had a quick work-related meeting (I essentially give people advice. One person has used me far more than everybody else put together. She's causing drama. Help me? I'm kind of at the stage that if I get a message from her, I want to bang my head off the wall.)

Also, I did no work on the rather long essay I really need to do. Damn you, Tumblr.

Right then, I'm off to bed. Will update tomorrow!
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I nearly forgot about updating this tonight!

I had an eventful night (events were job-related, I should say that. I don't lead a particularly interesting life myself, but some of the people I live with definitely do!). I don't want to say too much, because some details are confidential (although, I suppose I could just flock it). It involved the police (although I wouldn't have called them, myself, but I came on the scene a little late for that), food, tupperware, and skype, to say the least. (I'm making anybody who might ever read this super-curious, aren't I? LOL!). Though, I'm very glad for my flatmates. They're no trouble at all, compared to what other people have to deal with.

Am having my eyes opened to the machinations of other people, though. At least I can put 'level-headed in a crisis' on my CV. I hope I dealt with things alright, though. At times tonight I felt like I was walking a tightrope between two sets of people, and I really hope I didn't screw things up, because I really like all of the people involved and I want them to like me :(.

Anyway, other than that.

I had an utterly unproductive day today. I literally sat about and did nothing - until I got hungry, then decided I couldn't be arsed cooking and went and got a takeaway. Because I'm unhealthy and lazy like that.

I have a 2500+ word essay that needs written - didn't do any of it.
I have two other (non-essential) essays of about 500 words to write - one's a competition, the other a field course application - didn't do those either.
I have to wash clothes. Didn't do that.
Tidy my room. Didn't do that.
Pick out photos for the photosoc exhibition - guess what - didn't do that.

Like I said, totally unproductive.

Not to mention, my mother probably thinks I'm converting to Godlessness because I haven't been to Mass in yonks (not going tomorrow, or well, later today), and I've started hanging around atheists.
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I meant to go to bed early again tonight. I was texting someone at around half nine who wanted to hang out, and I was like, "Sorry, but I'm going to bed soon :( " and BAM it's 1AM and I'm still up. And I want to play pokemon in bed, too. >:(.

Have been feeling down for a good while now. Don't know why. Maybe stress - but my schedule's a lot easier now than it was last semester, so IDK.

I hurt my tongue earlier eating strawberry bonbons and I feel really fat today. I'd blame it on PMS, but I don't think that's it. Probably hormones anyways. Stupid hormones. I feel kind of sick, too.

I really need to get into some kind of routine. Maybe that's it - I suddenly seem to have a lot less structure, now that I'm spending a lot less time in uni.

Every so often I decide that I need a routine and to do things and lose weight and just generally be successful, but generally I attempt these sort of things for about fifteen minutes and then give up.

I need to change my life, somehow. But I don't know how. Maybe finding a new fandom to be happy about would help, but I tend to give up on those too.

I need to go listen to some happy songs.

Bed now. Night.
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I spent a fair bit of today sad, and I don't know why.

Considering running for photosoc committee. I'm not sure, though - I don't know what I have to do to run, exactly, give a speech at the AGM or what. Plus, I want my job next year, and it'll be my final year, and I'll have loads of uni work to do.

On the other hand, it'd be a great thing to put on my CV - I've got teamwork skills, thanks to my job, but organizational skills aren't exactly required, and lots of jobs - on the application or in the interview, ask for an example of how you organized something, and to that end: I have zilch. Zero. Nada. Plus, I really like photography. It can be frustrating at times, but it's fun and I enjoy it.

Still undecided on Mongolia. I should really email my tutor and ask for a reference letter. And write the application essay. And finish what I currently have of my CV. And look up my marks,

Also, haven't emailed the various zoos (I say 'various', I mean 'two'. Why must you have a lack of zoos, Ireland + Northern Ireland?) about work experience.

I have an essay due in next Friday. I've hardly started it - I've found some more articles that should hopefully be useful, though, so there's that. Actually, I should really have it submitted Wednesday night, as I'm going home on Thursday for the weekend...

I have a crush on someone, and it's really annoying. I can't stop thinking about him. It's driving me nuts. (This? Totally true, BTW. Not that I've been on a first date with another biologist, but I do it in my head all the damn time.) Anyway. Crush. Driving me nuts. I see him once a week - if even that, and not for very long, and he always seems to make it a point to say 'Hi' - or maybe he doesn't, and he's just being polite, and I'm projecting. I'm pretty sure my eyes don't turn into little hearts around him though so there is that.

... Dear sweet Lord, I'm pathetic. No wonder I can't get a boyfriend.

What else? A wasp appeared in my bathroom yesterday. Things that are WTF about this scenario: 1- It's February! 2- I live on the top floor of my halls (okay, there only are three floors). 3 - My bathroom is an ensuite with no windows. 4 - It is surrounded on all sides by other rooms. There is some kind of device in the ceiling that may be somehow related to some vent system, but no air seems to get in through it.

How did the wasp get in? Possibly it crawled up the drain, but I kind of doubt it. I am confused, and I hope very much that my bathroom does not decide to spawn any more insects.

... I did eventually manage to kill it, but only because it seemed hurt, or something, and I managed to drown it in the shower. And then I felt guilty about killing it. And then I had to work out how to get it out of my shower, without actually touching it (or really, going anywhere near it). Not fun times.

I started writing this entry well over an hour ago. I really need to go to bed. :/.

And hey, three days in a row! New record!
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I didn't stick to my diet today.

... To be honest, I don't even know what my diet IS yet. I lost weight calorie-counting last year, but that doesn't lend itself well to cooking my own food (which I want to do more of).

Maybe I need to make rules about my eating habits or something - but I've tried that, and I break them. :(. Yeah, I have sucky willpower.

Today was kind of meh. There's a bus that runs from outside my halls to my uni - there's three times it does in the morning (half eight, nine, half nine), or, I can walk to the other bus stop (the actual public transport one).

I normally take the bus the halls provide at half eight, which gets me in on time for a nine AM lecture. It's cheaper for me to take public transport (Bus Pass FTW), but this is handier. Except on days like today, when it just doesn't come. I have no idea why. It came to twenty to, I caught on that it wasn't coming, I walk to the other bus stop, wait ages, get off a bit outside my uni, and powerwalk in, arriving at five past nine, half dead from exhaustion already. The bus not coming pisses me off immensely. It inconveniences me so freaking much... gyah.

Was supposed to work tonight - will do it tomorrow (or, well, later today) instead.

Really should get to bed.I said I was going to go to bed early tonight, and I wanted to play Pokémon, but it's too late now :(.
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I'm awful at updating. That should have been my New Year's resolution, really.
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