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2011-11-16 10:45 pm

I swear I'll behave

I just got tickets to a screening of Parked in London next Friday! At which, apparently, according to Cultbox, Colin Morgan will be doing a Q&A at! \o/!

Now, please excuse me while I go die of squee!
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2011-06-17 01:14 am

New Fandom and New Layout!

I have a new layout! Was getting a bit fed up of my old one - don't know if I'll keep this one or not, but it'll for now.

In other news, I saw X-Men:First Class last week, and have since watched the first three X-Men films. So much love. I ship Erik/Charles with all of my little shipper heart. I might actually attempt to write fanfiction. You know, as soon as I manage to actually do something productive with my life.

I was leaving my room earlier to go to work, and heard noise coming from the kitchen - this is not unusual, I have flatmates - but what was unusual was that I recognised the background music from X:Men:First Class. So apparently I really am obsessed. (Also, it was nearing the big scene on the beach and I had to leave and go do work ;.;)