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I am 90% sure that the absolute worst sentence that could be said to you by another person in public while they're looking at your photos on your ipad is, "You have naughty pictures on this!"

... Okay, it was nothing NSFW, but it was in a pub with a group of photosoc people and oh dear god.

It was Charles/Erik from XM:FC fanart, BTW. In a compromising postion. But fully clothed!
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I have a new layout! Was getting a bit fed up of my old one - don't know if I'll keep this one or not, but it'll for now.

In other news, I saw X-Men:First Class last week, and have since watched the first three X-Men films. So much love. I ship Erik/Charles with all of my little shipper heart. I might actually attempt to write fanfiction. You know, as soon as I manage to actually do something productive with my life.

I was leaving my room earlier to go to work, and heard noise coming from the kitchen - this is not unusual, I have flatmates - but what was unusual was that I recognised the background music from X:Men:First Class. So apparently I really am obsessed. (Also, it was nearing the big scene on the beach and I had to leave and go do work ;.;)


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