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I hate ignorance sometimes.

Copied and pasted from the status.

"We will not wear your bloody stained poppies!!
Remember Ireland's 10 brave men:
Bobby Sands
Francis Hughes
Raymond McCreesh
Patsy O'Hara
Joe McDonnell
Martin Hurson
Kevin Lynch
Kieran Doherty
Thomas McElwee
Michael Devine
Put this as your statues to support for Irelands hunger strikers real heros"

My little cousin posted this. He was born in 1995. When the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998, he was two. He has no experience at all of the troubles.

Admittedly, neither do I - I was born in 1991. But at least I have the goddamn intelligence to understand that poppies are not worn as some kind of victory badge over the IRA and the Hunger Strikers (I don't want to get into the morality of the Hunger Strikers now. I don't know nearly enough about them to discuss it with any sort of authority, and is isn't the time anyway).

The poppy is a symbol of remembrance for all soldiers who have died in wars.

If my cousin was with me now, I'd probably strangle him for posting something so goddamn offensive. Hey, idiot, Catholics fought and died in the war too!

I can't even really marshall my thoughts into order right now. Some people have legitimate reasons for hating the British Army and government and whatnot. My cousin does not.

This is a sad sort of brainwashing - United Ireland! Up the RA! Brits out! - that often ignores reality and practicalities and actual people's feelings on the matter, that was and is responsible for so much of the violence in Northern Ireland, particularly recently. It's the sort of brainwashing that turns Catholics against Protestants for no reason at all apart from religion. It's responsible for the bombs and the shootings and the deaths in recent years.

I'm not saying my cousin is part of the Real IRA or the Provisional IRA or any sort of paramilitary. He's a sweet, good-hearted kid really. But the posting of these sorts of things is encouraging the culture of sectarianism and violecnce even more.

I am anti-violence. I am anti-war. But all of those people who have served and continue to serve in the army deserve my respect and they have it.

TL;DR - I have an idiot for a cousin and I ramble about violence and politics for a bit.
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