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I'm a terrible blogger.

I check my flist every day, for the comms, but I never update this thing. I have, like, commitment issues or problems seeing things though or something.

And what is up with this new font in the 'post an entry' box? It's awful. LJ, please change it.

So, what's up with me?

Have started my third year of uni (I'm doing biology. Or, well, attempting to do biology may be more accurate). I still have my mentoring job, but the job description's totally changed from last year - it's mostly office based now. And there's a lot less of us. Budget reasons, probably. But I'm still enjoying it, and my coworkers are mostly awesome, and every so often we have socials with (some) free alcohol and food.

I did end up running for the photosoc committee - I'm now treasurer. TBH, we pretty much share all the stuff and I end up doing less than everybody else, but it works out okay.

The dude I had a crush on has moved to Cardiff for a year out, so I'll probably never see him again. Which is a shame, but I'll live.

I've also started watching Merlin - I say 'started' - my first episode was 4x02 which I watched with a friend as it aired, and I promptly watched the entire series in about two or three weeks. So I have a Merlin addiction, and plotbunnies running about my head.

This is a bad thing, because I signed up for Xover_exchange again, and I'm writing a Harry Potter/Sherlock fic - but I have zero plot ideas or anything. And I've never written Sherlock before. That may be a problem.

I really want to write fic again - I want to write Merlin fic specifically, but writing's a real problem for me recently. I can generally work to a deadline, but not much else.

I had a report due in last Tuesday and that was hell, as I'd flown home for the weekend and was flying back Tuesday morning. I pulled an all-nighter to get it done, and my sleep pattern hasn't been the same since. I didn't go to bed until 5AM last night, and I had alarms go off from about half eight until I actually forced myself out of bed at about a quarter past 11.

Ironically, the report I was writing last Monday was on circadian clock rhythms in mammals. In addition to that, the only uni-thing I had on Tuesday was a sleep workshop. Where we filled in questionnaires about our sleep habits and then analysed them. I'm definitely a late type, and was one of two people to identify as an extreme late type.

Apparently most students actually wake up before midday on weekends when they don't have to. Who knew?

Anyway, that's it for now. Who knows, I may actually churn out a fic at some point.


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