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I meant to go to bed early again tonight. I was texting someone at around half nine who wanted to hang out, and I was like, "Sorry, but I'm going to bed soon :( " and BAM it's 1AM and I'm still up. And I want to play pokemon in bed, too. >:(.

Have been feeling down for a good while now. Don't know why. Maybe stress - but my schedule's a lot easier now than it was last semester, so IDK.

I hurt my tongue earlier eating strawberry bonbons and I feel really fat today. I'd blame it on PMS, but I don't think that's it. Probably hormones anyways. Stupid hormones. I feel kind of sick, too.

I really need to get into some kind of routine. Maybe that's it - I suddenly seem to have a lot less structure, now that I'm spending a lot less time in uni.

Every so often I decide that I need a routine and to do things and lose weight and just generally be successful, but generally I attempt these sort of things for about fifteen minutes and then give up.

I need to change my life, somehow. But I don't know how. Maybe finding a new fandom to be happy about would help, but I tend to give up on those too.

I need to go listen to some happy songs.

Bed now. Night.
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