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I didn't stick to my diet today.

... To be honest, I don't even know what my diet IS yet. I lost weight calorie-counting last year, but that doesn't lend itself well to cooking my own food (which I want to do more of).

Maybe I need to make rules about my eating habits or something - but I've tried that, and I break them. :(. Yeah, I have sucky willpower.

Today was kind of meh. There's a bus that runs from outside my halls to my uni - there's three times it does in the morning (half eight, nine, half nine), or, I can walk to the other bus stop (the actual public transport one).

I normally take the bus the halls provide at half eight, which gets me in on time for a nine AM lecture. It's cheaper for me to take public transport (Bus Pass FTW), but this is handier. Except on days like today, when it just doesn't come. I have no idea why. It came to twenty to, I caught on that it wasn't coming, I walk to the other bus stop, wait ages, get off a bit outside my uni, and powerwalk in, arriving at five past nine, half dead from exhaustion already. The bus not coming pisses me off immensely. It inconveniences me so freaking much... gyah.

Was supposed to work tonight - will do it tomorrow (or, well, later today) instead.

Really should get to bed.I said I was going to go to bed early tonight, and I wanted to play Pokémon, but it's too late now :(.
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